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Workshop Photo Gallery

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Here's a collection of pictures to give an insight of what goes on!

Phil - radiator fairing
Paul, Steve & Tony - Rear fuselage before

The above left-hand picture shows Phil refurbishing a very damaged radiator fairing.  As you can see, this is taking shape nicely. Note the smaller air intake.

The right-hand picture shows the original condition of one of the fuselages as recovered BD731 (605 Squadron), BD69?; the left-hand picture shows the fin and near completed rudder (2010).

Side panel


The above left-hand picture shows newly formed side panel awaiting ribs and painting. The right-hand picture shows the Merlin for the Hurricane.

Wing, Guns, Cowling

Mike - panel

The left-hand picture shows the right-hand side wing in position with guns at their stations and front cowlings. The right-hand picture shows Mike fitting cover plate for under panel pick up.

Nose Tank

New engine panel

Dog kennel

George and Vic

David from Malta
Griffon engine and fuselage

The top left picture shows the nose tank. The top right picute shows new engine panel. Second left is the wooden dog kennel - cockpit section. Second right shows George and Vic working on the stringers and formers. Bottom left shows David Pollidano (from Malta Aviation Museum) making bracing wires and bottom right shows the Griffon engine in the foreground with the cockpit cowling and fuselage with running boards.



Joint before

Joint after

The top left picture shows fuselage tubes at different stages of restoration. Top right shows the before and after of a restored piston. The bottom two pictures show the before and after of a restored cluster joint.


Preservation and Conservation

The picture (middle right) shows various stages of preparation, e.g. all items are sandblasted, etched primed (if aluminium). Steel is coated with rust converter, red oxide, grey primers and final coat, to totally protect and preserve. The bottom left picture shows a typical cluster joint as found whilst the bottom right picture shows the same cluster joint refurbished.

NB: We are always looking to purchase Merlin 3 / 20 damaged engines or components thereof, for our rebuild.


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