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"Blitz & Pieces"


During the course of any project of this nature a large number of components are acquired which then become surplus to requirements, or a better/more appropriate example is subsequently obtained.

We are prepared to consider offers for the items below. In the first instance we would wish to exchange for other items which may be of use to the project, but are prepared to sell for cash if exchange items are not available. We are prepared to loan out any component parts to museums to help in their rebuilds in return for their co-operation. Details of this service can be obtained in the first instance from Project Manager, Paul Rogers, tel: +44 (0) 7703 832099.


Hawker Hurricane Parts - Various Marks (MKI, MKIIc etc)

Hurricane seat with adjuster Hurricane seat with adjuster - made to order

Mk I/Mk II Tail wheel 3.5" tyre and hub

2 no. Hurricane wing spars

 New brake assembly (possibly Spitfire with some modification)

Brake bags 10.5inch

10.5inch brake bags

4spoke spitfire wheel pair

4spoke spitfire wheel

Spitfire or Hurricane, late Mk1, pair of 4 spoke 10" wheels, hubs maybe serviceable, tyres only for static


Electric coil regulators

TR9 controllers
TR9 controllers as fitted in Hurricane, Spitfire, bi-plane etc

3 no. rear tail wheels and hubs for light bombers

Boxes of various size hydraulic and air elbows and straight connectors, as new

Undercarriage cover plates

2 no. Undercarriage cover plate (above)

Pneumatic brake valve

Pneumatic brake valve (above)

Hurricane switches

Hurricane landing lamp switches.

Throat Mic
Very rare B17 throat mic - very good condition

Early Spitfire/Hurricane oxygen regulator

Spitfire fuel gauge, as new

Mk2a boost control

Original Hurricane Boost & Starter label with starter handle & quarter panel for main instrument panel

Rear of clock

12hr trip clock - Hurricane/Spitfire

Morse key

MkII Morse Key (new)

  Hurricane Altimeter

Fusebox and connectors

  Fuse box and connectors - we have a few hundred of these

Brand new set of Devon pneumatic brake bags

Rotax mags

Rotax mags, as new

Very rare jacks and early mic sockets - Spitfire/Hurricane

4spoke spitfire wheel

  A set of Hurricane or Spitfire 4-spoke 10" wheels, tyres for static display only.

Battle of Britain set 

MkII Spitfire gunsight.

Fuse holder

  Fuse holder

Spitfire grip Later Spitfire grip


Cockpit labels

A small selection of cockpit labels we can offer.


Cockpit labels

A small selection of cockpit labels we can offer.

Regulator with cutout

Regulator with cut out (Spitfire or Hurricane)

Header tank thermostat

Header tank thermostat

Spitfire oxygen regulator

Spitfire Oxygen Regulator (above) (new)

Lancaster oxygen regulator

Lancaster Oxygen Regulator


Instrument Panel
 Instrument Panel MkI


Undercarriage pullers
 Undercarriage pullers

Browning replicas

Browning replicas - no licence required.

Hurricane instruments
  All new Hurricane instruments

Identification lamp

Spitfire identification lamp x3


Windscreen BD371

Original windscreen off BD731, complete with arm

Cockpit lamps Mk2

Cockpit lamps Mk2


Oil pressure gauge

Oil pressure gauge, new, boxed

Bakerlite Telephone

Vintage Bakerlite Telephone


Centre section booms
 Centre section booms

RR Rocker covers     

Rocker cover gaskets for Merlin 20 series engine, boxed

Regulator Valves

Regulator Valves

German Eagle

   German Eagle - approx. 30" wing span

Centre section plates
 Centre section plates

Centre section tubes
 Centre section tubes etc

Hurricane pocket
Original Hurricane pocket fitted on side panel - very rare item




Boxed, transmitter/receiver TR 11 96, ref. 5/OR/23, Air Ministry stamped with serial numbers(x2), as used in Mk II Sea Hurricane.

Boost gauge

Boost gauge

Volt meter

Switches and Hurricane volt meter in serviceable condition, box connectors 5c 150 singles and doubles

Dimmer switches

Dimmer control switches

Oxygen econimiser - Spitfire/Hurricane

Landing lamp

Hurricane landing lamp, serviceable

Hurricane trim wheel


TR9 controller




engine valves

Rolls Royce engine valves


Set of Spitfire tail wheels


Micro switches & failure lamps

Fighter Squadrons at War (book), excellent condition by A J Brookes


Spitfire Oil/water separator x2

Engine Starting Button, Ref. 5C/1267 with flap as used in Spitfire/Lancaster(x3).

Power units for use with above, Type 87, ref. 10K/201(x3).

Mk II tail wheel and hub. Various other tail wheels and hubs 5" and 6"

Radiator temperature gauge (round).

Early cockpit lights(x2) - red night-flying. Type = same as above.

Mag switches

Landing lamp switch

Landing lamp switch (above)

2 no. 3-bladed hubs

1 no. DH & 1 no. Rotol

Hurricane windscreen and metal surround with armour off BD715

A selection of leather flying helmets, circa. 1938-43 and also a vary rare white summer flying helmet.

summer flying helmet

Tail plane - SOLD with rear fuselage & fin and engine frame etc

Label and starter booster coil

Starting handle label C/S, Starter and booster coil, all original


Undercarriage indicator, as new, boxed (believed to be light bomber)

Also brand new Hurricane undercarriage indicator and fuel selector, boxed

We have a rusted engine frame with plates, off BD731

Complete control column with grip and sprockets (Hurricane) - picture to follow

 We have some 3rd Reich large eagle display (approx. 2ft in length) and infantry banner etc. Pictures to follow.

We have a backing plate (Hurricane/Spitfire) for a rotol spinner.  We also have a selection of Mk19 Spitfire panels.

This is just a selection of the parts we have available - this page will be updated regularly.



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