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Latest News  

We are urgently seeking volunteers to help rebuild the Hurricane wings and the Fury aircraft, with or without experience as training will be given.

When the Hurricane and Fury restoration is complete, approximately 7 years, we have been negotiating with the CEO at the Brooklands Museum to have these aircraft in the CBFS/Rogers Gallery in their new hangar which has been built on the site.  It gives me the reassurance that the aircraft will be displayed in a manner that we have negotiated together with other criteria that has been discussed.  It makes me happy that ,at last, we have found an organization that is true to their word and so helpful in the process in getting us forward, unlike other premier museums that are full of hot air.

These vehicles are available for parties, weddings, filming, corporate events, hen and stag parties,  school proms, any promotional work etc.

The jeep is a M-38 Ford Willy full restored to working condition and insured.  The interior is fully fitted out with working radio, with M1 and M50.

Jeep - rear side view        Jeep front view

Jeep side view         Jeep front side view

Army Lorry

This belongs to a friend of ours who restores military vehicles.

The army lorry is a 1938 six-wheeler with front cover of canvas for the cab.  All original, fine example of the vehicle.

Hawker Fury     Fury instrument panel

The Hawker Fury is now in place and was on display at our Open Day in August.  We have just recently refitted the instrument panel into the cockpit.  This is a standard RAF instrument panel for the bi-plane.  We have just fitted the primer pump and the firewall is nearly finished, awaiting fitting.  The radiator has now been fitted and a rudder has been finished. Skinning of the front engine cowls and nosing are in progress.  The bracing wires and anti-vibration washer are in the process of being fitted. The seat has now been permanently fitted with the adjuster. The front and rear gun mounts have now been completed, along with the associated half-moon panel. Most of the wing spars have been put together.

The wheel house panels and assemblies are almost finished and are ready to be fitted.

We are opening our facility to visitors on Sunday 26 August 2018 between 10.00am and 5.30pm in conjunction with the Children in Need show at Little Gransden. There will also be military vehicles, classic cars and vintage aircraft flying throughout the day. There will be an information and museum section dedicated to 85 Squadron together with other audio visuals running throughout the day. Refreshments will be available. Please telephone Paul Rogers on 07703 832099 or alternatively email to book your visit whether a group or an individual. Booking is necessary to enable proper co-ordination for this event. However, tickets will also be available on the day from the CBFS marquee. We will be accepting bookings for this event from January 2018.

Lecture time is almost upon us with 3 lectures during 2018.

We have made steady progress on the control tube for the Hurricane.  Most of the control wires, plus adjusters, have been made for the Fury and the Hurricane.  All fuel tanks are now finished for the Hurricane and covered in the fabric, ready to be fitted.

All of the fair lead and block mounting plates for the control wires are almost complete.  Wing spars for the other wing are now in place.  the complete tail plane, with elevators, is nearly finished, ready to be fitted.  The radiator cowling has also been finished.  We have just taken delivery of the all-in-one side and front screen.  The front screen and surrounding assembly is nearly complete.  The Kestrel engine is also finished ready to be fitted in the engine frame.  The front windscreen and assembly has been painted and permanently fitted on the Hurricane.  The hydraulic selector box and control arms are now fitted. The hydraulic pump and brackets are ready to be fitted, along with the de-icer box and brackets (all original).

Kestrel Engine     

With reference to the new book, Hurricane Survivors (in which we are included) it is rather inaccurate.

Membership is on the increase, which is encouraging.

The rudder is now complete and ready to be fitted.

We are in the process of finishing off the control wires and have also finished the blast tubes for the brownings.  We are in the process of making nosing ribs for the wing. 

We will soon be fitting the remaining three instruments in the instrument panel which will make that complete.  The wheel house panel work is nearing completion.  The oil tank and adjacent fillet panel has now been fitted. We are hoping to extend the workshop size so that we can work on the wings properly.

Artists Guild Visit 2014The Artists Guild visited the workshop in June along with other organizations throughout the year.

We have just started to restore the three tail planes and also removing the elevator control tubes/ribs ready to refurbish the whole assembly.

The radiator scoop has now been finished and ready for fitting to the brackets.

The right-hand side quarter panels and fillet panels plus oil tank nosing, tank cover and front clips are now in place.  All the woodwork on the Hurricane is now completed and painted.

The main early windscreen and surrounding clips/stays are now on the way to be fitted (see photo on workshop page).

Blast tubes for the replica brownings are also ready to be fitted.

We are also carrying on with the last remaining cockpit cowlings which we are making.

Membership has continued to grow this year which is very encouraging.  The 2014 AGM will take place at the end of November.

Progress on the Hawker Fury continues as we have nearly finished the engine frame.  Most of the woodwork is now complete apart from the two hatches which cover the radio equipment.   The rear inspection panel is fitted around with the fasteners and we are now making inroads with the rudder assembly.  We will shortly be refitting the instrument panel complete with the appropriate instruments.  The engine for the bi-plane is near completion and will be fitted in the summer of 2016.  We also have the Watts propellor for the bi-plane and the attachment assembly.

The Watts propellor hub has now been delivered ready for mounting with the engine later on. The Hurricane will be moved round slightly so we can accommodate the right-hand side wing assembly, ready for the interspar to be fitted.


We had a good attendance at the AGM in November 2013. Membership is on the increase again with several new younger members.

In the November 2013 issue of FlyPast there was a small update on our Hawker Fury project. Most of the woodwork is now finished, the rear fin has been fitted and the rear inspection hatch/surround is nearing completion. Our engine frame is now ready to assemble and instrument panel is now being fitted out with instruments and labels. Control grip and control mechanism will be fitted along with cable connections in due course.

We are making progress in finishing off the Kestrel engine. We are in the process of fitting the RT hatches.  The fin is now in place plus the rear inspection hatches.  The engine frame is three-quarters finished.

We have been concentrating on the main centre section fuel tanks - 33 gallon.  These are now ready to be covered in fabric.  We are now positioning the tank mounts onto the main framework.  You will see these in the new pictures on the workshop pages.

We are now firming up the cowling rails and fasteners for the panels to be secured to.

One of our new members has started to make the wheel house panel work for under the centre section.

Veteran pilot at Open Day It was nice to see that we often get war time veterans visiting us. They are always full of interesting and historical facts about their time in the Royal Air Force (see picture left). 

Our 2013 Open Day was another complete success.  I would especially like to thank Dick and Maureen and their friends for their support and energy in selling the Open Day tickets throughout the day.  Many thanks to all the other volunteers that worked on the day and behind the scenes in preparation for the event. A personal thanks to all the people that worked in the CBFS marquee - Scott, Steve, Simon and his wife, Phil and Sonia.

We have been working on the nose oil tank which is now on its way to being fitted.

We have had some young University members that are proving very valuable to the project.

Griffon engine exhaustsThe Griffon engine (right) - note the new rocker cover, freshly painted and a new set of older style exhausts with the engine mount alongside.

Getting back to the Merlin for the Hurricane, this will go in to Vintec at Little Gransden to have its checks done properly and also test the engine in a running condition, ready to put into the aircraft. Paul at Vintec is taking on this project for us.

Recently we have been refurbishing the port and starboard 33 gallon wing tanks, ready for covering in the sealing sheets followed by labelling and fabric. The tanks are now ready to be labelled and fitted into the centre section.

One or two other cockpit panels and the rolled quarter panel are in the process of being made.


We are now making inroads in swaging wing ribs and trailing edge along with gun covers and associated framework and new nosing ribs.

The remaining cockpit panels are currently being made. 

We have checked out the oil pump and starting for the engine.  A ramp has also been made so we can run the engine outside of our workshop in 2013.

We have had a very positive response to our FlyPast article with increasing our membership numbers.

The wooden hinge covers for the rudder are nearly finished and we are currently in the process of making the ribs for the elevator, which we were short of. Many thanks to David Attwwood - ex-Marshall metal workshop.

The Fury is coming along nicely - woodwork on the hatches, port and starboard, are nearly finished and the fasteners are being put in place, along with the catches.  A complete set of bracing wires have now been made by Peter and these will be fitted during the coming months.

Xmas_AGM_2012 The AGM/Christmas Dinner was held on 24 November 2012.  We elected the all the officers for 2013, including workshop managers and publicity managers together with a small management committee.  The event was enjoyed by all and a big thank you to everyone for their continued financial and hands-on support.

The propellor has now arrived from Europe and is currently being restored by our volunteers for display purposes.

In 2013 Paul will be giving his usual lectures and organising group visits to view the aircraft.

From the Open Day and the FlyPast article we have had a few more volunteers come forward to offer their skills and support.

We are now seeking interest from museums, in the UK and abroad, to display our aircraft on a loan basis.

We would like to thank Steve Beebee of FlyPast magazine for doing a brilliant review on the two aircraft.  The article featured in the November issue. It is worth making a note that some of the historical fact is from my father's recollection.  We have asked FlyPast to revisit at a later date.

George and Vic working on the stringers

It is with great sadness that two loyal volunteers (pictured left) who did sterling work on the woodwork for the Hurricane in the early days, are no longer with us.  Vic (on the right) died a few years ago and more recently, George.  We will remember them.

Just gave the Merlin hub spline to Peter Grieve, of Flight Engineers, to manufacture the Watts propellor hub for our two-bladed propellor to be fitted on the Hurricane.  This will be delivered in July 2013.

The main wing spars are now completed. We have just had a delivery of the cross-brace spar material for the wings. The front screen has now been vacuumed formed, collection imminent for fitting.

We are now refurbishing the centre section fuel tanks, which will be fitted in due course. 

We had a nice Sunday Brunch at Mary's Tea Rooms in Somersham - this is only for the members who work throughout the year.

Two groups of visitors will be dropping by the workshop later this month and Paul will be giving his normal talk on the history of the Hurricane.  We also had a group of 50 visitors a couple of weeks ago who were impressed with our restoration work.

In the next few months we are promoting the society at various shows/fayres.

On the Fury aircraft we have now finished the stringers on the top formers and located the wooden fairings on the axel and the outriggers.  The covers and wheels are on the undercarriage legs.  We are currently making up the side formers and rivetting some of the cockpit skins to the framework.  The two ammo boxes for the brownings have now been completed and the shoots are now being made. We are in the process of making the bracing wires.

As for the Hurricane, during the last couple of weeks we have fitted the right-hand side wing, main spars to the centre section to make sure that they fit correctly and have the same sweep back as the other wing which, fortunately, it does! We would like to thank the 'Beano's' for all their hard work in rivetting the main spars.

Phil is making up the radiator fairing out of two damaged ones which we had from Russia.

In our Russian wrecked pieces, we have some parts of BD697 of 81 Squadron in our stores. Rather interesting as we brought BD731 and was wondering what the other wreckage was.

Steve McManus will be coming over to inspect the engine before we run it again this year on the Open Day. The air intake for the engine is now completely finished.


Membership has increased again this year which is very encouraging.

FlyPast will hopefully be visiting the workshops in July 2012.

Xmas AGM 2011

We have been offered, on long-term loan, a wheeling machine and plenisher which will help us with rolling some of our panels. Thank you, Andrew.

Our AGM took place at the end of November 2011 (see pic).  We elected all the officers for the coming year and appointed Phil Jackson as Advertising and Promotion officer with Jo working alongside him.

There are some perspective volunteers from Marshalls Aerospace visiting the workshop in January 2012. 

Also we have received the Griffon Mk58 maintenance and repair manual (360 pages) which will be a very useful book.

Phil working on the engineWe have also formed a sub-group of volunteers specifically to work on and operate the engine.  Vintec will be checking over the engine and carboration in 2012, ready for running once again. We have had the air intake repaired for the Merlin engine and this will be fitted during 2012. This comes complete with the air intake front cover.

On the Fury front, we have been fitting out the cockpit with the control column, grip, heel boards, seat, instrument panel and location of instruments.  Some of the front skinning has been done and this year we hope to progress with the engine frame.  More wooden stringers have been fitted on the formers.  The two ammo boxes for the brownings are nearly ready for fitting to the frame.

I would like to thank Ron who has completed the Fury article that was published in Classic Wings in September. 

Next year, Paul has been asked to give several talks on the aircraft restoration and group visits to the hanger have also been arranged. We can accommodate any group visits, up to 25 people.

We are awaiting a Curtis propellor hub from our contacts and we would also like to thank Jeff Rushen for his help and guidance with the Griffon engine.  We will, no doubt, be in regular contact with him during the coming months.

On the propellor front, there is a possiblility that we may have a Shackleton 58 propellor assembly for the Griffon.

Open Day 2011Once again, our 2012 Open Day was a complete success and we would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers who made the event possible.

The latest from the workshop, Len and Dick are working on the Fury ammo boxes - 1 is near completion and ready to be fitted.  We have just acquired a seat for the bi-plane, which has now been refurbished and will be ready to fit during the coming month.  The main rear stringers on the Fury are now being fitted and side formers are in the process of being manufactured.  The rib section for cockpit is slowly taking place.  The fin will be remanufactured during the next month or so. Mike is making up the centre section front cover fairing to hold the other under panels together. We are in the process of finishing off some of the other cockpit panels etc.

Hurricane and Fury Print This print (by local artist Phil Jackson) depicts Hurricane L1639 and Fury K1928 over the cliffs of  Dover.  This  is readily available at the Little Gransden show together with t-shirts, mugs and aircraft memorabilia.

We have just started work on the wing nosing and also some wing ribs to position the four ammo boxes and guns etc.

We have also made a start on some of the engine cowlings and fabric covered some of the wooden hatches.  We would also like to thank Clive Denny for providing a very useful and informative fabric course for our members.

Membership is maintaining the status quo and hopefully we will be acquiring a Griffon engine cover and a Hurricane seat in the near future.

Hopefully this year we will do extra events such as Shuttleworth and Flixton to promote and raise funds for the Society. We are in the process of getting a Watts propellor hub and short-bladed Watts propellor (being made by Hercules Propellors) to go on the running Merlin engine.

We are now starting on the port wing main wing spars.  The starboard wing is up on the aircraft again, ready to be worked on.

Dick and Len and the ammo boxesLen and Dick have just completed all the ammo boxes and fixings such as quick release and slide housing which sits in both of the wings.  They are now starting the Fury boxes and then back on to the outer wing flaps.  We are currently fixing bracing wires for the Fury on the undercarriage assembly and fuselage.  The instrument panel is having its instruments fitted and making progress on the seat.

We have just received the original 'The Installation, Running and Maintenance of the Rolls Royce Kestrel Engine' circa. 1935 which is very useful for the detail.

Negotiations are still ongoing with RAF Museum, Hendon with regard to our aircraft.  There is the possibility of them placing a Merlin II in the Hurricane - this will be discussed in early July.

Paul received an email from Mike re P/O John 'Paddy' Hemingway DFC and an interview can be viewed on YouTube at  There are other clips available also.  It is great to hear Paddy's exploits in 85 Squadron.

Our dear friends, Terry Reid and Jack Bruce, will be appearing at the Rhythm Festival 2011 at Old Warden Park, Biggleswade over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  For more information about the event and ticket prices, go to

Having received an invitation from Chris Allard (85 Squadron Association), Paul attended a luncheon and flypast over the remaining airfield at RAF Debden on Saturday 13 March 2011.  The pilot of the aircraft was Charlie Brown. As a tribute to Sammy Allard, a short video clip can be viewed on YouTube.

With reference to the Hurricane, the main spars for the other wing will be formulated during the next few weeks.

Joe, Sammy and a.n. other Great news for this year is that there will be a road naming ceremony in Saffron Walden on Sunday 13 March in memory of Sammy Allard (85 Squadron).  The road will be known as 'Allard Way' (see pic left - father on top; the great man himself in the middle and another friend).

With reference to Sammy Allard receiving his medals at Debden, visit Pathe News for a clip.

We are having special vacuum formed screen for the front of the cockpit.  We have just fitted the crash pad inside the cockpit and the outer hanging rail for the screen.

Some of our long-serving members are now honorary Life Members in recognition of their hard work and contribution to the restoration project.  These include Tony Harding and Jim Cooper.

In the next month or so, fabric training courses for our members will be organised with Vintage Fabrics.

Propellor, hub and blades are on their way for the Griffon engine. A set of exhausts are to be fitted to complete the engine display.

The new Stephen Spielberg film, The Golden Salamander, is being released in 2011, which will feature some of our artefacts (as requested by WETA in 2009).

Local artist, Phil Jackson, has just finished his masterpiece of the Hurricane and Fury flying over the Dover cliffs, entitled 'Before the Battle'. Fantastic picture which will be available to all on the Open Day. These are all limited edition. Many thanks to Phil for his time and dedication.

We are also in the progress of compiling 2 display boards for our museum selection of the two Spitfire wrecks, along with 15 other displays.

Paul and Giles 2010A few weeks ago we had a visit from our President who couldn't believe the progress we've made in the last six years. He also made a generous donation towards the restoration project (see photo).

Terry Reid will be back in the UK during Spring 2011 for another series of prestigious concerts throughout the country. He'll also be visiting the workshop again along with some well-known rock star.

We are now negotiations with a premier museum which will feature the Hurricane in a Battle of France exhibition with four other aircraft. The Fury will also be exhibited along with other 1930s aircraft - watch this space!

With reference to the easterly Spitfire wreck this is a disclaimer that, under no circumstances has the Society been involved with the concept, negotiations and administration of the excavation. All this was conceived by an independent party. Therefore any liability is under the auspices of said party.

On the restoration front, as you can see by the pictures, we are using all the original parts from the 1938 wing and will be starting on the other wing next year.


The membership has increased once again this year and we are maintaining the status quo. We still have quite a number of visitors throughout the year to view the project/museum.

On our Open Day we discussed running fabric covering courses with Clive Denny at Vintage Fabrics - hopefully during June 2011.

Once again, our 2010 Open Day was a complete success and we would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers who made the event possible.

 Open Day 2010


You can now see our engine test run on YouTube and also follow us on Facebook.

A 10 year anniversary dinner was held in early June to thank all the members for their continued support and achievement so far. Here's to the next 10+ years!! The left picture below shows me giving a BAPC Certificate to John Davis - well done John! And well done to everyone else for sticking with us over the years. Without the support and assistance of the members, our restoration projects would not have progressed thus far.

Paul & John 2010   Group dinner 2010

A point of fact to the uninitiated: most airworthy aircraft that use wrecks for their restoration, only a very small percentage of parts are used in the aircraft, making the originality of such machines limited by the airworthy restraints as opposed to static aircraft, such as ours, which is indeed the only early Battle of France Hurricane that exists in its current form, using ~73% original Hawker aircraft spec materials/cover. Some other listings can often be derogatory.

Work has commenced on the first wing spar (see pictures on the Men at Work pages).

We have just updated the listings on Wikipedia for the Hurricane and the Fury.

We have also received the remainder of the Hawker Fury drawings, which has increased our resource library to approximately 2,700 A3 and A2 drawings. We have over 2,000 drawings for the Hurricane. Copies of these drawings are available - contact us.

Tony is in the process of making a small frame for the Griffon, in preparation for the Open Day in August. The Merlin for the Hurricane is in the final stages of preparation ready to ground run again for over an hour. With regard to the bi-plane, the instrument panel and instruments will be fitted within the next month. The small engine is half-way to completion. We are working on the ignition harnesses and mags. We will be receiving an new set of plugs for the Merlin and a Griffon header tank to fit on the engine.

Our friend, Terry Reid, is once again touring the UK during May this year.

We are celebrating a decade since our humble beginnings for which there will be a celebratory dinner for our members in the near future.

Chris Cannon of CountryWide Productions has just finished his new web site (Simply Planes) which includes various restoration work incorporating the Hurricane at Little Gransden. We thank Chris for this.

The main wing spars for the Hurricane are coming along nicely - pictures to follow. We would like to thank Terry at Tad Engineering for his co-operation.

Once again, we have a Management Committee to review and improve our constitution and membership regulations to avoid any misunderstandings.

Griffon engineWe have just taken delivery of the Rolls Royce Griffon engine complete with engine frame for display purposes. This engine was fitted in Shackleton, FireFly, Martin, ad late Spitfire. Our thanks go to Tim Clark for co-ordinating on our behalf, Tony Kitchen and the BBMF for their overall co-operation.





Our AGM was held on 28 November 2009 - another well-attended event for the volunteers. There were various presentations including Certificates of Achievement in respect of the engine run on 9 August undertaken by Tim and Rod (see pic). Most of our volunteers undertake the excellent training which is offered at Duxford. We have had a good increase in membership which is very encouraging.   

Through our contacts we have now just received the nuts and bolts plans for the Fury I, II, Nimrod I, II and Hornet circa. 1928-1933 to add to our expanding resource library.

Following the success of the Open Day, Paul was in the Cambridge Evening News and other local press, presenting a donation to Adrian Hamilton for Children in Need.

Once again, our 2009 Open Day was a complete success and we would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers who made the event possible.

Paul was on About Anglia during August to promote the CBFS Open Day/Little Gransden show.

Terry Reid 2009Terry Reid has made two visits to the UK this year - June and August. Paul was lucky enough to see him perform at a local venue (see pic).

We have a pending article in Aeroplane Monthly regarding the Hawker Fury. We have also been approached by a local museum to house our two aircraft as a permanent feature.

The basic fuselage of the Fury is nearly complete, undercarriage and others will be fitted at the end of July. A Kestrel engine is being put together to be housed in the engine frame. The woodwork is underway for the cockpit decking and also for top and bottom rib formers.


This year (2009) we are starting our Hanger Appeal for our museum building - open for sponsors and ideas.


Fury undercarriage legs, axle, connecting lugs, wheels and covers have arrived, ready for fitting.

With reference to 'rob_68' on flickr , there are some nice photos on this site. We thank him for the link to our web site.

We have decided, with input from Chris Cannon, to do some more filming on our hurricane which will be available on a new site in due course.

Our AGM was held at the end of November 2008 - another well-attended event for the volunteers.

We have recently been featured in FlyPast magazine's 'Hurricane supplement' (rightly or wrongly!). However, we have no problem with any media using our pictures providing that permission has been granted by us prior to publication.

Following the Open Day in August, the presentation of our cheque for Children in Need was highlighted in the local newspaper during October.

We have just been informed that RAF Church Fenton has been assigned squadron number 85R. It was one of the many RAF stations built in the mid-1930s and intended to provide fighter defence to areas of West Yorkshire. Gladiators and Gauntlets were the first squadrons to arrive in 1937 and in the following years Demons, Spitfires, Hurricanes, Blenheims, Battles, Buffaloes, Typhoons, Mustangs, Beaufighters and Mosquitos equally operated from here. The first Eagle Squadron (no. 71) was formed at Church Fenton in 1940. Let's hope Church Fenton will help take our aspirations forwards.

Our workshop is open for visitors on Saturdays between 2pm and 5pm, however large groups should make a prior booking by contacting Paul.

CEN Article Aug08Throughout the year we have had various articles published (click on image for article in the Cambridge Evening News - August 2008). Others include: Flight Journal published in America and New Zealand/Australia; books such as The Hurricane Story by Peter March and Hawker Fury and Nimrod by Alex Crawford. One of our volunteers, Bryn, spoke about our project on BBC Three Counties radio.


Paul and Terry Reid 2008Following discussions with Terry, his line-up for the proposed band could be: Bruce Springsteen, Robert Plant, David Gilmour or Mick Taylor and, of course, Terry (himself). Watch this space! We believe Terry will be in the UK later this year (October?) featuring Mick Taylor we think!



Our 2008 Open Day (in conjunction with the Little Gransden Show for Children in Need) was once again very successful, well up on numbers and contributions from last year. A big thank you for everyone's continued support, not only in the media, but also from David Poile and all the volunteers who made the event such a great success.

CBFS Open Day 2008


A new arrival on the display front - a Griffon Rolls Royce engine - for our museum section in the near future.

We have also had some new machinery donated.

Once again, our membership numbers are on the increase thanks to local advertising/flyers etc.


Our AGM and Christmas dinner took place at the end of November.

A number of our volunteers have completed various modules of the BAPC training course which will lead to a City and Guilds qualification in Aviation Heritage. Further modules to be undertaken during 2008.

In the forthcoming months, we will be announcing the engine runs as the engine is 98% complete - watch this space!

We have recently recovered quantities of bi-plane joints, propellor hub, strut connectors etc etc - pictures to be shown soon.

There is an article pending in 'Flight' magazine - due to be released March/April 2008.

Paul gave an interview on a local radio station, Q103, promoting the Open Day.

The 2007 Open Day was one of the best we have had with a centre spread in the Cambridge Evening News showing our donation to David Poile for Children in Need. We would like to thank all the volunteers and helpers who made the event such a success.

Terry Reid toured the UK during the summer and received great reviews. He was also interviewed on BBC Radio 2. More details/feedback can be found on his web site and video clips are available on YouTube.

The fuel tank has be made and is soon to be fitted in the correct stations along with the firewall and engine frame Great!!!! Another move forward.

Just located a rare pilots notes and service manual very much like the Hurricane format but dated 1933 for the Hawker bi-plane. This is a limited edition as only 800 were printed. This will be a valuable resource alomg with the vast collection of plans in our library.

One of our volunteers, Phil, has just started to make a selection of museum display boards to honour the pilots, machines and the remains of these aircraft that only exist today. The aim is to have approximately twelve of these in due course.

We have just received a very large consignment of Hawker plans for the Fury bi-plane.

The Hawker Fury framework is now at the half-way stage - pictures to follow. We have also acquired 50% of the instrumentation we need plus navigation lamps and tail lamp.

We are now awaiting a consignment of parts from foreign contacts.

Paul and some volunteers appeared, briefly on Anglia TV during March 2007. The main interview was aired at 7am with snippets on the later bulletins.

A three-page article written by Michael Shreeve was published in FlightPath magazine during February 2007. This magazine is sold in America and Australia.

In January 2007, Paul and the volunteers occupied the centre page feature of the Cambridge Evening News.

As you can see from the recent workshop pictures, the Hurricane is now finally on its undercarriage legs and having its side ribs put on with its hatches. This year we shall be working on the control wires, engine frame etc.

The engine that is going into the Hurricane is now eighty-five per cent complete and may be run late 2007 (if we're lucky!)


The AGM was held in December 2006 in conjunction with the Christmas dinner, with very good attendance once again. We discussed our strategies for 2007 with regards to publicity, project management etc.

During September 2006, Terry Reid toured the UK, from Scotland to Dingwalls in London. Hopefully he will visit the Little Gransden hanger to view the Hurricane, and talk further about the fund-raising state-side.

Paul and Tony (longest serving volunteer) have been on Radio Cambridgeshire's Drive Time during August 2006, following on from his previous interview in March 2006 talking about the Battle of France hurricane.

We have also located various Fury wrecks which we are about to recover in 2007. We have now received an early engine for the Fury and others.

Paul has once again been invited to lecture on the Battle of France and Malta IIa Hurricane during 2007.

We have recently put together my father's story (A Pilot's Story) on DVD, approximate running time 1 hr 10 mins. This will also be available on the Open Day and other events during 2006/07. There is also Hurricane recovery DVD which is available via mail order.

We have taken delivery of a few Hawker Fury fuselage components and will start building the standard framework mid-2006 in our new, larger workshop which will accommodate both aircraft.

We have located an organisation that will help us cover the early wings in fabric and also help us cover the fuselage once the wooden formers are in position.


43 Sqn FuryThis is the type of aircraft that Townsend's flew at 43 Squadron during the 1930s.




Battle of France image He has kindly painted a typical set of pictures of 85 Squadron Battle of France scenes at Seclan, Abbeyville and Lille which are available on our Open Day and other events throughout 2006/07. These are brilliant paintings and will be available as a limited edition to help fund our restoration work.



View larger image These are available mail order plus p+p
� Thomas Gower Studios


The 2006 Open Day at Little Gransden during August was a huge success with many visitors from all over the UK, as well as the surrounding area. We would like to thank the volunteers (and their partners) who helped co-ordinate and make the day such a success. Here are a couple of images of the days events:

The new workshop is now complete. We have relocated machinery and fixings for the Hurricane and the power plant that was moved in June 2006. I would like to express my gratitude to all those volunteers who have made this possible.

With regard to the Hawker bi-plane project, i.e. the Fury, we have acquired an original spade grip circa. BSA 1935 and an original, boxed Sutton harness. We have now received the early engine which will be dismantled during 2007. The basic fuselage tubes are now taking shape and will be put together as the fuselage this year.

Just recently, we have had an article published in the Best of British magazine (2006).

New workshop We have recently acquired new workshop premises to accommodate the Hurricane and the Fury. As of June 2006 the workshop is now complete and all units moved.




We have also begun to acquire parts for our second project - the Hawker Fury I - which we hope to start some time next year. The type we will be restoring is the first production batch of 21 aircraft built in the 1930s (K1928). This was part of 43 Squadron and the H.G. Hawker Engineering Ltd contract 40559/30. The power plant that was fitted to this aircraft was a Rolls Royce Kestrel IIS, driving a two-bladed wooden Watts propellor. Armaments were 303 brownings, fired from inside the cockpit. Fuel capacity on all versions was approximately 50 gallons. Wheel track was five feet, nine and a half inches, with 750x 125mm. Palmer wheels and Palmer hydraulic wheel breaks. This aircraft had substantial tests at Martlesham Heath. The rate of climb for this newly formed aircraft was reaching 10,000 feet in 4 min 25 sec with a fast rate of roll and lightness of control. This was the first interceptor aircraft to serve the RAF, capable of more than 200 miles per hour, with the actual top speed being 207 miles per hour at 14,000 feet. The internal structure of the aircraft was very similar to the Hurricane, featuring the standard steel and aluminium tubular structure built up on the Warren principal, as the standard rectangular box section.

The Hawker Fury

Starting from July 2006, we are currently rebuilding the basic Fury fuselage framework. Here shows some of the items we have already acquired - control grip and brownings. More pictures to follow of the unrestored wreck.

Fury control grip      Fury browning


You will see that we have added a Links page to our site which includes national and international organizations.

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The movie clip  includes the inaugural flight of the Sea Hurricane and an unusual shot of a Spitfire chasing a Mark II Hurricane, with the roar of the mighty Merlin!

This video shows our Open Day (2004) with one of the Merlin engines.

PLEASE NOTE, Paul can be contacted at the Workshop on 07703 832099.

Membership and Constitution

Cambridge Bomber and Fighter Society (CBFS) was formed by several aviation enthusiasts. Its aim is to restore and perpetuate the advancement of aviation preservation in the UK. We are mainly concerned with fighter aircraft at present: the rebuild of our very early Hurricane and Fury will be a tribute to 85 and 43 Squadrons and especially to Squadron Leader Peter Townsend. We are currently looking for volunteers (male or female) with or without mechanical/engineering backgrounds (great enthusiasm is all that's needed), to assist with restoring and refinishing components.

We have two workshops - one at Little Gransden, the other in the Warboys area. Work on both the Hurricane and Fury takes place in either workshop.

Breaches of any health and safety or disrespect of any persons will not be tolerated - your membership will be terminated instantly.


Until 2010, the BAPC are offering its members a whole range of aviation based courses which we offer to all our volunteers, free of charge. The courses, held at Duxford, lead to a City and Guilds qualification in aviation heritage.


Friends of CBFS

If you wish to support our Society, but are unable to become a working volunteer, please contact Paul Rogers on 07703 832099 or email

The Society is run as a charity, i.e. a non-profit making organization, and all monies are used purely for restoration work.



If you wish to make a donation of parts, e.g. Merlin engines, aircraft (for our future museum display & restoration), or a monetary donation please contact us by email


As you will see from our Welcome page, we are a member of 85 Squadron Association and wish to advertise on their behalf. Any person wishing to join this Association should contact:

Squadron Leader D R Rothery
10 Melton Meadow Road
Melton Park
Suffolk IP12 1SB

Membership to Cambridge Bomber and Fighter Society is available to any individual (male or female) with a keen interest in aviation (and who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty)!

Interested?, then why not contact us now?

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