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Restoration Project


Early Days


Cambridge Bomber & Fighter Society, together with 85 Squadron Association and many others over the coming years, hope to restore a Battle of France Hawker Hurricane MkI L-series using as many original parts as possible. Depending on funding and the expertise which can be brought to bear, possibly to flying condition but more likely to be for static display.

The Hurricane project was started a few years ago but the Fury is still at an early stage. The generosity of the people and organisations who are active in this field is already evident and in addition to the components which we have already acquired, technical assistance, fabrication and offers of plans have been received in abundance.

At the moment most of the components which have been obtained are cockpit instruments, undercarriage and complete fuselage plus two centre sections, two tail planes , stabilizer fins, rudder and many other hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Before the end of the year we hope to be able to take up promises on:-




As with any project of this nature time, patience and the goodwill of many people will be put to the test over the coming years but at least a major start has been made and hands are getting dirty - pictures of the workshop/work being done can be seen on subsequent pages!

There will be a separate page for the Fury project in due course.

Email us E-mail. We will be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in the project or restoration of aircraft. We will be happy to post a link if you forward your details to us.

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