John Dibbs



Here is a sample of some of the Hurricane prints and pictures available through John Dibbs and ourselves.

Both of these images are copyright protected as part of the John Dibbs collection.

Douglas Bader's Hurricane

The Struggle Begins

Further images are available at John's own web site

Our thanks to John Dibbs for his kind permission allowing us to use these images on our site and for his co-operation in assisting us with our restoration work.


On 9 August 2009, our Rolls-Royce Merlin engine was put through its paces with a engine run (this being the first time after 7 years restoration and 68 years since its last flight). This engine generated 2800 rpm, typical output for a Hurricane taking off.

Merlin Engine Run 2009

Griffon engine     Dave - Griffon

Bottom left picture shows the recently acquired Griffon and the top rocker cover removed and restored camshaft. Note how this shines! This has now been on display throughout 2011 on its special stand.  We now also have a left-hand side rocker cover.

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